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The DepAl Haramain Hospital Pvt. Ltd. general-surgeryartment of Surgery at Al Haramain Hospital is a clinical department which provides round-the-clock services to cater for surgical requirements of our valued patients. Equipped with the latest medical, surgical and diagnostic equipment and facilities, the Department of Surgery features Modular operation theatres, covering a total area of 11,000 square feet.

Al Haramain Hospital is equipped to provide Orthopedic, Gynaecology, Special Neurology, and Emergency Operations through the Modular Operation Theatres equipped to provide such kind of surgeries. We have invested in the best equipment, to provide the best care and services. Our Operating Theatres feature the latest, and safest Operating Tables sourced from Brazil, with the most modern lighting equipment having been sourced from highly reputable suppliers in Canada, whilst the anesthesia workstation is the best that Germany has to offer.


Because we cater for the welfare of all our patients we have separate Male and Female Post-Operative Wards.

The search of the best has resulted in Al Haramain Hospital creating lasting relations with legendary technology giants such as Philips N.V. from the Netherlands and DV Lab from the United States. The Al Haramain Hospital Department of Surgery has ensured that the efficiency and effectiveness of the surgery room is guaranteed by the existence of a full back-up power service to ensure absolute reliability in the services that we provide.


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