Al Haramain Hospital (Private) Limited was honoured to host Mr. Kazi Rezaul Hoque, Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh on the 14th of July 2017 for a tour of the Hospital’s services and facilities.

Mr. Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir), Chairman of Al Haramain Hospital, led Mr. Rezaul Haque through the 11-storey, multi-specialty Hospital located at Kazi Tower in Sylhet.

Mr. Haque had the opportunity to see some of the Hospital’s top-notch facilities such as the Dialysis Unit, which provides excellent care to patients round-the-clock, with the most modern and comfortable Fresenius machines.

Mr. Kazi Rezaul Haque, Mr. Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir), tour of Al Haramain Hospital Dialysis Unit

The Human Rights Chief also had a chance to visit some of the Hospital’s world-class wards and critical care units, such as ICU, HDU, CCU, PCCU, NICU and PICU, managed by the most experienced & specialized doctors and nursing staff.

Mr. Kazi Rezaul Haque Touring Al Haramain Hospital with Mr. Mahtabur Rahman

The Five-Star Hospital also features a Five Star restaurant on the top floor, where delectable dishes are served by passionate staff, to give both patients and visitors a welcome feeling and provide a pleasant, warm environment in which to visit their loved ones.

Mr. Kazi Rezaul Haque, Mr. Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir) Touring Haramain Hospital 5 Star Restaurant

Overall, the National Human Rights Chairman was impressed with the services and facilities at Al Haramain Hospital and had this to say at the end of his tour:

Mr. Kazi Rezaul Haque, NHRC Chairman Touring Al Haramain Hospital with Mr. Mahtabur Rahman Nasir

Oh! Excellent…… Amazing!

Construction, interior decoration, medical equipments apparatus & all other medical facility with doctors, consultants, wonderful and unique.

Thanks to Mr. Md. Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir) Chairman – Al Haramain Hospital for his dedication & benevolent service to mankind. May Allah empower him to serve the people & the country with this spirit & wish every success of this Hospital as well as every person working here to provide best service to the people with reasonable & affordable cost.


Mr. Kazi Rezaul Hoque

Chairman – National Human Rights Commission – Bangladesh

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