Al Haramain Hospital now offers the latest and the best medical care for the community of Sylhet. In realizing the need for high quality medical service we have taken it upon ourselves to make t
his a reality.

We are now offering the latest and the best in intensive care unit (ICU), or inteal-haramain-hospital-imagingnsive therapy unit services, in order to offer the highest quality of intensive treatment in a way that is designed to better care and accommodate for all those that require intensive treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, Al Haramain Hospital offers High Dependency Unit (HDU) wards, for patients who require a level of inten
sive observation and rehabilitation that is slightly lower than what is given in intensive care.

We also recognize that medical care affects all ages, and we are fully prepared to meet this challenge with a fully functioning PCCU Pediatric Critical Care Unit that is designed to give the best care to children and minors, thus ensuring a better and healthier generation. But care for children’s does not stop there, as we have the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where newborns that have been born prematurely or might have who have medical complications are kept in the best possible care until they are ready and fit to be discharged.

Our ultra-modern radiology and imaging department has the best trained staff as well as the most advanced equipment to be process all forms of MRI and CT Scans as well as 4D ultrasound scanning facilities that are able to show an unborn baby moving in its mother’s womb in the highest detail. In addition, we also have a top of the range 1000mA x-ray units, able to offer high quality and effective radiography services.

We have and continue to hire the best doctors and specialists that we can find, and we are focused on one goal: to provide the best quality healthcare for the people of Bangladesh.

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