Managing Director’s message

Al Haramain Hospital is a multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary hospital in Sylhet, established to provide high-quality, reliable and affordable healthcare of international standards to the people of Bangladesh. We aim to provide expert health care services to patients from both rural and urban areas and to improve healthcare access in places where it is inaccessible and inadequate. Al Haramain Hospital also aims to change the perception that high-quality patient care provided by a private hospital is beyond the reach of the common people. This will be done through providing cost effective care and a wide range of services. By building a bridge of trust between ourselves and the community, we will work towards delivering quality patient care with respect and compassion. Our motto is “Save lives, no matter what the cost” and our team believes in the culture of working with compassion and empathy, combined with competency, to provide patient satisfaction.

With everyone’s support and prayers, and with the dedication of our team of well-trained paramedics, nurses, consultants and administrators, we are confident that we will provide excellent service to all our patients.

I have taken it upon myself to study an advanced degree in Health Management from the best of the institutions in this field, in order to equip myself with the knowledge and skills required to deliver health services to international standards to the people of my country. It is my hope to be of service to you and your loved ones through Al Haramain Hospital, and welcome positive criticism, suggestions, and recommendations to improve our service to our patients.


Dr. Rahman, M.B.B.S, MSc (Health Managment) U.K.
Managing Director
Al Haramain Hospital

Profile & Associated Businesses

> Director of Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies – Middle Eastern Region

> Director of Al Haramain Tea Co. Ltd. – Bangladesh

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