In pursuit of being the best hospital in Bangladesh, Al Haramain Hospital operates one of the most advanced and well staffed emergency centers designed to cater for any eventualities that may arise. This top rated Accident and Emergency Centre has been designed with two objectives in mind; to be able to effectively deal with any medical emergencies that maybe life-threatening and require immediate attention.

The other reason that Al Haramain Hospital has a fully functional, well-equipped Accident & Emergency Centre, is to be able to highly responsive to deal with all kinds of emergencies under one roof 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The Al Haramain Hospital Emergency Room is operated in the motto of providing top quality healthcare and is without doubt the frontline in the delivery of quality healthcare and medical care and services. The Emergency Ward Centre is currently managed by a experienced team of highly qualified Emergency Medical Staff. They are supported by an advanced fleet of modern well-equipped ambulances that are manned by trained emergency technicians and paramedics.

What makes the Al Haramain Hospital Emergency Department so efficient and so effective is their approach and understanding of the unplanned nature of patient attendance that the emergency room must be accustomed to.  This ranges from having the best in staff available to using equipment such as traction splints, as well as defibrillators and automatic ventilation for those with respiratory issues. In addition there are also recently acquired CPR machines that have are being utilized by the staff at the Emergency Centre in order to make the effectiveness of Al Haramain Hospital not just a dream but a reality.

Being able to provide quality healthcare services to address a wide range of illnesses and injuries has been one of the main reasons that the Al Haramain Hospital is proud of its casualty department.

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