Mohammad Ashfaqur Rahman – Director

Director’s message

Hospitals in general have a certain perception among patients, their loved ones, and the general public. At Al Haramain Hospital, we aim to provide the kind of service that makes patients feel like they are not in a ‘hospital’, but they are in a ‘home’ in which they are cared for, treated with respect and dignity, and are able to relax while the healing process takes place.

For us at Al Haramain Hospital, our service is a representation of who we are, our core values, and our aspirations for the people of Bangladesh. Our interdisciplinary approach and the close communication amongst various specialties and units will enable us to develop innovative solutions for emerging healthcare challenges, thereby improving the lives of the communities in Bangladesh.

We aim to provide service that will give our valued patients a reason to have hope for the future in an environment that inspires their confidence and uplifts their spirits.


Mohammed Ashfaqur Rahman, MBA (USA)
Al Haramain Hospital

Profile & Associated Businesses

> Director of Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies – Middle Eastern Region

> Director of Al Haramain Tea Co. Ltd. – Bangladesh

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