Mohammad Emadur Rahman – Deputy Managing Director

Deputy Managing Director’s message

The health delivery system of the nation of Bangladesh has gone through several phases of development since independence. While enormous strides have been taken, some challenges for the health system still remain. Bangladesh remains in critical need of affordable, quality and accessible healthcare for all its citizens and residents.

In establishing Al Haramain Hospital, we considered the citizens of Bangladesh both within the country and abroad. An estimated 10 million Bangladeshis are in the diaspora, many of whom plan to, and who are returning home as senior citizens for retirement. It is our aim to provide them with the kind of health care service that meets and exceeds the international standards that they have been exposed to at an affordable cost for this critical stage in their lives.

Al Haramain Hospital, with its multi-facility services, will project a brand image of excellence in healthcare delivery across the region. With the support of all of our stakeholders, we will make this vision a reality.


Mohammed Emadur Rahman, MBA (UK)
Deputy Managing Director
Al Haramain Hospital

Profile & Associated Businesses

  • Deputy Managing Director of Al Haramain Perfumes Group of Companies – Middle East Region
  • Managing Director of Rich & Ruitz Perfumes Ind. LLC – France and UAE
  • Managing Director of Al Halal Perfumes Ind. LLC – UAE
  • Managing Director of Al Haramain Tea Co. Ltd. – Bangladesh
  • Director of Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited – Bangladesh
  • CEO of 4 Corners Distribution UK Ltd. – UK


  • Recipient of Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award for 2013, 2016 and 2017
  • Recipient of the prestigious UAE ‘Gold Card’ Residency Visa in 2019
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